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Watch Over Your Assets

Our camera solutions can be designed for small Business to large Industrial sites based on your feature preference and requirements. Cameras have become more than just a watchful eye for your assets, to a strong management tool for keeping an eye on your business while you can’t be there.

Video Surveillance

From basic camera systems to high definition IP with built in analytics ProComm security has you covered. We even sell cameras that can see in the dark or under water. Whether you just want some location history or the ability to track people and manage resources our team will be able to design any solution to fit your budget that you can even monitor on your phone.

Door Access Solutions

These days controlling who has entry in your site or property is more important than ever. Our door access solutions allow for 24 hour flexibility in making changes or tracking events. Also on a safety side our systems can report who is still in the building or who has left in the event of an emergency.

  • Eliminates the needs for keys
  • Control exterior gates and even medical cabinets
  • Ability to change access rights for staff and contractors 24 hours a day. You can even program the system to allow a certain time of day for the user to gain entry.
  • Time stamp on who enters the property at what time
  • You can control the access with keypads, fob system and Biometric options for hand or eye scans available as well
  • Door entry options for Multi-Dwelling sites are very popular in adding security to the common areas while allowing tenants to not have to have a key handy with the code punch access.
  • Residential options for door entry
  • Muster point accountability
  • Multi-site control from one location to save on administration costs

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