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Security that doesn’t sleep

Brandon Hazard and The Braemar Group are building Western Canada’s hospitality industry from the ground up. It started in the late 1970s when Brandon’s parents, Rod and Jody, founded the company. Since then, The Braemar Group has developed hotels and commercial properties in Saskatoon, Regina, Kelowna, Medicine Hat, and Peachland. The company is in the midst of developing Medicine Hat’s first Marriott property, and ProComm is providing Videofied technology to keep the job site safe and secure.

Building Hospitality from the Ground Up

When Brandon moved to Kelowna in 2000, he oversaw the development of a 100-unit condominium complex on Peachland’s waterfront. Since then, the company has overseen development of Comfort Suites in Regina, Saskatoon, and North Kelowna, a Best Western Plus in West Kelowna, and a Comfort Inn & Suites in Medicine Hat. The Hazards are experienced developers who love to work in growing communities.

“We anticipate the economy picking up in Medicine Hat, which increases the need for extended stay hotels,” explains Brandon. With new industry coming on board and construction underway on Marriott Towne Place Suites, Medicine Hat’s first Marriott-branded property, Brandon turned to ProComm to provide site security.

Insurance and Security 

“Security is an important requirement for insurance,” says Brandon. “It becomes even more important at night or other times when the site is un-occupied.” Insurers often require 24 hour monitoring, leaving developers and land-owners with the option of hiring around-the-clock staff, or using a reliable video monitoring system.

When Brandon learned about ProComm’s Videofied system, the decision was easy. “It comes down to the economics of it all,” explains Brandon. “It’s a cheaper and more reliable system than having a night guard.” He knows from experience, having worked with night guards on previous Braemar Group construction sites. The issue, he explains, is night guards can only monitor certain areas and are vulnerable to fatigue. Nights are long and even the most diligent security guards wear down over time.

Ron Jarvis, the Marriott project’s on-site manager, sees the value in Videofied as well. “We’re able to modify it as we progress through the project,” he says.

High Priority Response

Videofied provides 24-hour monitoring, sending real-time images of movement directly to the security company. From there, security alerts law enforcement who treat it as a high priority call, with an average 5 minute response time.

The system is used by Los Angeles Police Commander Scott Edson, who reports, “If video is associated with the alarm, we treat that the same as a robbery-in-progress.”

Brandon and Ron have the option to receive alerts as well. While the security monitoring company receives alerts every time wildlife enters the property, The Braemar team have elected to only be alerted if a break-in is in progress. This eliminates the need to respond to false alarms.

Videofied Snowbirds

Brandi Simons, ProComm’s Account Executive, says Videofied has drawn interest from snowbirds and ranchers as well. For snowbirds, it reduces the need to have someone check on their home during the cold winter months. Ranchers can use it for security on their more remote properties, or use it to monitor cattle during calving season. The system has the capability to operate on its own self-contained power, which can run up to four years on a single battery pack. Seamless connectivity is assured via self-contained SIM cards.

Secure Developments

For Brandon, Videofied is an elegant solution to a fundamental problem: security monitoring of the entire site is a requirement. Given that security guards can’t monitor an entire site, and other systems aren’t able to trigger a high-priority response from law enforcement, Videofied solves both issues at a lower price point.

With four decades of experience in property development, the Braemar Group have proudly selected Videofied as their monitoring system of choice.