Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Expert Business Solutions fully integrated nurse call technology streamlines communication and vastly improves patient care all with the push of a button.

Helping Nurses Meet The Demands
In Nursing Homes, Assisted Living & Medical Facilities


Simple Two-Way Communication

Peace of mind for patients knowing that care is only the push of a button away, all while nurses and care providers can easily prioritize and manage their responses to alerts with the required urgency.


Enhanced Workflow Administration

Direct Care Connect is the Phone Experts’ wireless nurse call system tailored for the entire range of eldercare and senior living providing better workflow management, better care, happier residents, and decreased expenditures.


Flexible Installation and Setup

Rely on The Phone Experts to provide the total solution – Installation of wireless pendants, pull cords, bed stations, digital I/O lines, call lights and other wireless sensors can cover virtually any healthcare community requirements. Whether you’re building a brand new facility or retrofitting an existing system our team can deliver the perfect nurse call system for your care facility.

Case Study: Install Panasonic Nurse Call System

When Masterpiece Retirement was left without a patient communication solution just three weeks before their scheduled opening date, they turned to us for assistance. Utilizing The Panasonic Nurse Call System we were able to offer real-time communication and location details, proving to be the perfect unified communications solution.

Explore Your Nurse Call Options

We’re here to help you find the solution that’s best for your patients and care providers.

The Panasonic Nurse Care System

As the number of patients entering assisted living facilities increases, technologies that improve operational efficiencies are critical toward maintaining necessary levels of care. The Phone Experts utilities The Panasonic Nurse Call Communications Solution is a scalable, cost-effective, fully-integrated two-way communications and alert management system that improves patient/resident satisfaction, care provider morale and the company’s bottom line.

Nurse Call System Benefits For Residents

The Panasonic Nurse Call Communications solution is designed with features that have extremely positive impacts on long term care patients or residents. With two-way communication, high voice quality and one-touch buttons, care providers can promise vastly improved response times. Not only does this increase a patient’s satisfaction, knowing their needs are being met, it can also speed up the facilitation of emergency care, providing better health outcomes.

Nurse Call System Benefits for Nurses

As the number of patients entering assisted living facilities increases, technologies that improve operational efficiencies are critical toward maintaining necessary levels of care. Chief among them is the need for improved two-way communication between care providers and patients to not only speed response times but also reduce the fatigue that is prevalent among today’s overburdened nursing staff.

Nurse Call System Benefits for Facility Managers

When empty beds equal lost revenue, patient satisfaction is more important than ever to maintaining a profitable assisted living facility. Sophisticated nurse call equipment is resulting in operational efficiencies and advanced compliance with care protocols. Long term care facility managers are benefitting from fewer empty beds due to higher patient satisfaction, less care provider fatigue and staff turnover and overall deeper operational analytics. Investing in an improved nurse call system can be a crucial step toward enhancing customer satisfaction while delivering better patient outcomes.

It allows that connection between our residents and our staff, and that’s a day-to-day, minute-to-minute operation that we have to have work perfectly. It allows us to do our operation properly. It allows our residents to live their lives without worry.

— Tim Galforth-Bles, President

CEO and Founder of Masterpiece Retirement