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Making a Masterpiece

When Masterpiece Retirement set out to build Southland Meadows in Medicine Hat, founder Tim Garforth-Bles envisioned the gold standard in retirement living providing residents with an experience of safety, freedom, and quality of life.

To help achieve that vision Masterpiece tapped the experts at ProComm to help with integrating technology solutions into every aspect of the facility.

“Technology allows us to fulfill our mission of providing the best quality seniors care,” says Garforth-Bles. “When done correctly, technology creates a non-intrusive, secure environment that provides freedom to our residents.”

Naturally, transforming mission and vision into reality on a 150,000 square foot construction project was not without its challenges.

Halfway through the project, provincial care legislation was revised. Suddenly, ProComm and Masterpiece found themselves searching for a new door access and monitoring solution that wouldn’t intrude on resident freedom. Together, they spoke to regulators and suppliers to gain clarity on the new rules and create a door access plan that worked for everyone.

Near the end of the project, Masterpiece called on ProComm to find a new nurse call solution when the selected plan was no longer feasible. To solve the problem, ProComm negotiated the installation of a state-of-the-art Panasonic nurse call system, considered at the time to be in beta mode. Undaunted, ProComm worked with Panasonic and Masterpiece to install the system in Southland Meadows, making it Panasonic’s first installation anywhere in the world.

“From the start, we approached this project with the end user in mind,” says Brandi Simons, Sales Team Leader for ProComm. “We looked at every possible solution through the resident’s eyes.”

“The Panasonic system is intuitive and easy to use,” says Garforth-Bles. “It is flexible, adaptable, and provides direct contact with our nursing staff.”

In addition to nurse call, door access and security, Masterpiece relies on ProComm for their telephone system, facility-wide intercom system, security cameras, and internet and cable services. ProComm also serves as Masterpiece’s liaison with TELUS, which Garforth-Bles says saves his company countless hours and allows his facility to operate smoothly.

“We use ProComm for everything we can,” says Garforth-Bles. “They are an amazing partner.”