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At the speed of business

Paul Haynes and South Country Co-op are on a mission to strengthen the communities they operate in. It is a mission that has been carried by Co-op in Medicine Hat since opening in 1956. Since then, South Country Co-op has grown to become the third largest Co-op operation in Western Canada with over 50 facilities and over 700 employees operating in a region that extends from Oyen to the United States border, and West to High River.

With so much ground to cover, South Country Co-op relies on ProComm’s Mobility services to keep business running smoothly.

Communicate right now 

“The ability to be mobile and flexible is a critical piece of doing business,” explains Paul Haynes, Operations Manager, South Country Co-op. “If we need to unexpectedly divert one of our petroleum drivers from one property to another to address an emergency, we need to communicate right now,” Paul says.

Flexibility is the name of the game for Co-op in construction as well. South Country is in the midst of a $12.5 million, 8,000 square foot construction project in Medicine Hat. “I’m on my cell phone more than I’m in my office,” says Haynes. “It’s the same with our construction project managers. Being mobile isn’t a luxury for us, it’s a necessity.”

“ProComm is one of the few companies who can handle an operation of our size,” explains James Paulson, IT Coordinator for South Country Co-op. “Their emergency response is excellent, extending beyond typical business hours.” Indeed, ProComm provides 24 hour emergency service, because it knows business doesn’t stop at 5:00pm.

Community Building

Paul understands the value of local support as well. “Wherever possible, we use local businesses. That’s important to us as a Co-op.” A quick look under the hood shows that South Country Co-op indeed prefers to work with local businesses. In addition to ProComm Mobility services, South Country’s business phone and security solutions are also provided by ProComm. Construction is handled by local general contractors, with nearly all subcontractors being sourced locally as well.

For South Country Co-op, local support is as much about community building as it is about business. “Reciprocal business is critical to community health,” explains Paul. “When we see ProComm employees shopping in our locations, it really shows that the money is benefitting our own community.”

It’s a package deal

Thanks to ProComm’s wide range of product and service offerings, it is able to reduce contact points for all business, big and small. By combining business phone systems and security solutions with Mobility, South Country Co-op is able to quickly address any issues or emergencies with one phone call.

ProComm’s central point of communications, which offers around-the-clock service, reduces downtime and increases operational efficiency. There’s one number to call, and clients like South Country Co-op know there’s someone ready to help on the other end.

Flexible Developments

For Paul and James, ProComm’s Mobility solutions are an elegant solution to a complex problem: communicating with staff and customers across its vast Southern Alberta network. Given that any of its 700 staff can be anywhere in the region at any point, the ability to reach them via phone, email, or text ensures business runs smoothly. And as a TELUS Authorized Dealer, South Country Co-op knows one of Canada’s most reliable networks is in its pocket.

As one of Western Canada’s largest Co-ops, South Country Co-op have proudly selected ProComm Technology Solutions as their Mobility, business phone, and security service provider.