From concept to design you can count on ProComm to navigate you through the endless options available. Our technologies can increase office efficiencies while allowing flexibility for today’s working professionals.

These days the board room has evolved from having just standard whiteboards to full out smart boards to TV computers turning your board room to a control center.

With the increase in employees who work remotely or while traveling, conference room AV has become more and more popular in the office. Conference rooms are now designed not only for face-to-face meetings, but to maximize this technology. This allows employees outside the office to remain involved in every aspect of the business.

When you design a conference room for today’s business, there are some considerations you should keep in mind when looking at visual and audio equipment.


The first consideration for your conference room AV is your video display. The two basic types of displays available for video conferencing are either projectors or flat screens. They each have their merits, so you need to decide which works best in the conference room space and how the video display will be used.

Projectors cover a larger view and are more cost effective than a flat screen. However, depending on the price point of the projector, the amount of ambient light in the room can be an issue. Flat screens, which are typically LED or LCD these days, are often much brighter than projectors, and are less affected by light in the room.  Flat screens are also usually much smaller and don’t work well when you a room with 10 or more people.

The size of your video displays should be at least 52”, for a small 2-5 person room.  This minimum size is completely dependent on the size and shape of the room. A very large conference room will need a larger display so everyone can see clearly.  Especially when looking at numbers on an Excel spreadsheet as opposed to a PowerPoint presentation a bigger screen is necessary. A general rule is that the audience should be 1.5 times the width of the screen away. A larger number of audiences require a screen width should be the total distance divided by five

Whatever you decide to use in your conference room, you should consider your video displays as an investment. By choosing a high quality screen now, you will be better prepared for advancements in the future, and your video displays can be more easily adapted to upgrades. Ultimately, this will save you money since you won’t have to replace them as frequently.

You may also want to consider multiple screens in your conference room. This allows the presenter to use video equipment for the presentation, as well as dedicating a screen to the video conference. We typically recommend 2 flat screen for a video conference.  One screen is for either the “near” room (the room you are in) or the shared data presentation, and the other screen is for the “far” side conference room (the people you are talking to).


The audio equipment in your conference room AV setup should consist of more than simple speakers and the microphone you use with your computer. Space and ambient noise greatly impact sound quality in video conferencing. Poor audio equipment, especially in a room not designed well for video conferencing, can mean the difference between getting things done in the office and straining to pick up the conversation. You don’t want to spend half the meeting repeating what’s been said because of a poor microphone or bad speakers.

It’s best to use microphones designed specifically for video conferencing. They’re more sensitive and as long as they are centrally located in the room, they will be able to capture sound within eight feet. With these microphones, everyone can be heard without having to pass a microphone from person to person.

However, if your conference room is larger, you may need several inputs to cover the entire space. Ceiling or wall-mounted microphones can be useful to ensure everyone can be heard no matter where they are in the room. This can also prevent people from moving microphones during the meeting, which can cause reverberation or squawking. Microphones should not be placed near speakers since this can also cause the dissonance of unwanted feedback.

The design of the conference room AV can help improve the sound quality. Recording studios install sound-absorbing materials to reduce echoes and reverberations. You may not want to layer foam on the walls of your conference room, but you can install quality carpeting, heavy drapes on the windows, and fabric wall coverings. These will help absorb the sound rather than bounce it back.

Having a conference room well-equipped for video conferencing means you are prepared to keep remote employees involved in the day-to-day of the business. At ProComm we have the tools to take your business to the next level.


The ability to get in touch with someone remotely via a paging system is an important aspect of many business environments including offices, retail spaces, warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers and virtually any public space. It makes a difference in business, in crowds and on an interpersonal level.

Overhead paging can be a very effective tool to accessing people or quickly distributing information in a small or very large space. In addition to the advantages of reaching people a paging system can also be very effective to make general announcements or to announce visitors or incoming calls or provide quick response to critical conditions and send clear directives in emergency situations.

Our experienced Technicians, through a site survey, can determine the equipment required to provide your company with a quantity paging solution to meet the needs of your company.


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splitPanel is a web-based digital signage solution, offering clients the ability to display content at their business locations on any size of digital screen while being able to manage the content easily using a single computer and a web browser.

Whether you have one business location or several, splitPanel can offer you an indoor digital signage solution that can increase sales, provide product information, or offer advertising revenue.

If you are interested in hearing how this product can be put to work for your business, give us a call today!